Existence and asymptotic stability of continuous solutions for integral equations of product type

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Mahmoud Bousselsal
Azzeddine Bellour


In this paper, we study the existence of a continuous solution for a nonlinear integral equation of a product type. The analysis uses the techniques of measures of noncompactness and Darbo's fixed point theorem. Our results are obtained under rather general assumptions. Moreover, the method used in the proof allows us to obtain the asymptotic stability of the solutions.


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Bousselsal, M. and Bellour, A. 2021. Existence and asymptotic stability of continuous solutions for integral equations of product type. Journal of Innovative Applied Mathematics and Computational Sciences. 1, 1 (Dec. 2021), 31–39. DOI:https://doi.org/10.58205/jiamcs.v1i1.5.
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