Quintic and Septic $C^2$-spline methods for initial fractional differential equations Quintic and septic $C^2$-spline methods

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Jalil Rashidinia
Masoumeh Einy
Sadra Ghorbanalinezhad


In this paper, we developed Quintic and Septic C2C2-spline methods for solving initial fractional differential equations. 
The convergence analysis of the methods is discussed. Illustrative examples are included to demonstrate the validity and applicability of the presented techniques. Our numerical results were compared with those in the recent literature.


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Rashidinia, J., Einy, M. and Ghorbanalinezhad, S. 2023. Quintic and Septic $C^2$-spline methods for initial fractional differential equations: Quintic and septic $C^2$-spline methods. Journal of Innovative Applied Mathematics and Computational Sciences. 3, 1 (Jun. 2023), 35–48. DOI:https://doi.org/10.58205/jiamcs.v3i1.58.
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Jalil Rashidinia, School of Mathematics



Masoumeh Einy





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