Visual Representation in Arabic Poetry, Afifi Matar's Poetry as a Model. [In Arabic]

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Nacer Baadach


This article deals with the topic of the referential phenomenon in fictional grammar, as it is the most important component of the modern linguistics lesson and a necessary element to determine the consistency, harmony and coherence of the text in a functional way. The author started by defining the referral phenomenon, explaining its importance and function, defining its patterns and tools.Then, he applied the referral functions to Surat "Ya-Sin".

If this phenomenon appears to be a crucial element in the development of modern Arabic language lessons, then it should be studied and given the value it deserves.

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Baadach, N. (2022). Visual Representation in Arabic Poetry, Afifi Matar’s Poetry as a Model. [In Arabic]. Milev Journal of Research and Studies, 8(2), 80–89.