Islamic Financial Engineering Products and their Development Mechanismswithin Modern Challenges

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Rachid Houlitaher


          Financial engineering has become of utmost concern by the international financial institutions the primary role in innovation and the development of financial products that you need these institutions and to maintain the sustainability of growth and increase its competitiveness as well as to ensure their survival in the market. Also form the subject of Islamic financial engineering and one of the important topics within the financial analysis operations, increase the basic leans on financial derivatives. So that Islamic financial institutions have made great strides in a relatively short period of time, to provide them with a suitable alternative for traditional financial institutions that their dealings are not compatible with Islamic law, on the basis that we have addressed first Islamic financial engineering nature and concept, as an introduction to the subject of research and our paper, and then we reviewed the origins and evolution Islamic financial engineering with the reasons they arise and to identify the tools and products and exposure to the properties of Islamic financial products discussed. Finally Arzina on the most important Islamic financial engineering challenges


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Houlitaher, R. (2021). Islamic Financial Engineering Products and their Development Mechanismswithin Modern Challenges. Milev Journal of Research and Studies, 7(2), 19–33.


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